New-CHMV Series-3.9V Start mass production(Moisture and corrosion protection)

The CDACap CHMV series supercapacitors are energy storage devices characterized by high reliability, high power, and exceptionally high capacitance. They adopt a dual-electrode electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC) structure, combining our company’s advanced manufacturing methods and materials.

CDACap CHMV supercapacitors can be used for standalone energy storage or in conjunction with batteries to reduce costs, increase range, and extend lifespan. The system requirements can range from microwatts to megawatts.

CHMV features low equivalent series resistance (ESR), making it suitable for high-power density applications. Additionally, it employs environmentally friendly materials. CDACap CHMV supercapacitors are maintenance-free and offer a service life of up to 15 to 20 years, operating within a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. This series offers capacitance options ranging from 0.47F to 10F, with a working voltage of 3.9V and a surge voltage of 5.0V.


• Ultra-low self-discharge, long lifespan (guaranteed for 5000 hours) • High power, replaceable battery, maintenance-free design

• Capacitance options: 0.47F, 1.0F, 1.5F, 2.5F, 3.0F, 3.5F, 5.0F, and 7.5F, etc.

• RoHS compliant, lead-free requirements

• Customizable based on customer needs to meet various performance requirements Applications

• Water/gas meter assistance for peak power, RTC backup data retention

• Power compensation energy storage systems, telecommunications, GPS modules

• Energy storage systems, servers, battery replacements

This product is in mass production!! Daily output of 50,000 units, capable of meeting larger and faster delivery demands from customers…

For detailed specifications, please refer to the webpage catalog or inquire at the business counter.