Cda is an internationally renowned professional manufacturer of super capacitors

Core Elements

Team Collaboration and Shared Values

Innovative Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Continuous Improvement and Lifelong Learning


Mission and Vision

Enhancing Employee Well-being and Career Development

Delivering High-Quality Products and Services

Achieving Sustainability and Social Responsibility


Shaping Corporate Culture

Leading by Example at the Executive Level

Establishing Effective Incentive Mechanisms to Promote Employee Engagement

Training and Education to Reinforce Corporate Cultural Values


Integrity and Responsibility

Respect and Inclusivity

Openness and Collaboration


Implementation and Practice

Advocate for employee engagement and cultural heritage

Establish a code of conduct and norms

Build effective incentive mechanisms and training systems


Change and Vision

Adapt to market changes and industry trends

People-centric, focusing on employee growth and development

Create a culture that is internationally competitive.


Analyze market trends, understand market demand, and accurately seize opportunities.


Develop products according to market demand, continuously adjust product performance, and meet customer needs.

Executive power

Based on customer needs and the provided information, address and provide feedback on customer inquiries promptly and accurately.