New Product Alert! The LIC-L Series Lithium-ion/EDLC with Quick Connectors

Discover the remarkable features of our LIC-L Series, now equipped with quick connectors, eliminating the need for welding and ensuring secure battery handling during charging. With high energy density, elevated voltage capabilities, and a remarkable lifecycle of up to 500,000 cycles, this series operates across a broad temperature range while adhering to ROHS standards.


Key Features:

Ultra-Low Self-Discharge, Extended Lifespan: Experience extended operational life with an impressive 500,000-cycle lifecycle.

High Voltage Stability, High Power, Swappable Batteries: Benefit from elevated voltage stability and robust power output, with the added convenience of battery replacement.

High Capacity: Achieve a capacity equivalent to 10 times that of a standard EDLC within the same volume.

Variety of Capacities: Choose from a range of capacities, including 10F, 20F, 40F, 80F, 100F, 120F, 220F, and 750F.

ROHS Compliant: Complies with ROHS standards, meeting lead-free requirements.

Customization Options: Tailor the LIC-L Series to specific requirements, catering to diverse performance needs.



Load Balancing for Enhanced Battery Lifespan: Ideal for load balancing applications, extending the lifespan of dry cells, lithium-ion primary batteries, and intelligent meters.

Energy Storage Systems, Servers, and Smart Meters: Well-suited for backup applications, energy storage systems, servers, intelligent meters, power compensation systems, and GPS modules.

Primary Power Source for Small Devices: Power your small-scale devices, such as machinery, measuring equipment, and toys, with confidence.

Mass Production Ready! With a daily production capacity of 100,000 units, we are committed to meeting your larger and quicker delivery demands.

For detailed specifications, consult our online catalog or get in touch with our dedicated sales team. Elevate your energy storage solutions today!