NEW-CBS Series Mass Production for Coin-Type Miniature Capacitors

CDA Corporation CBS Series EDLC

After integrating customer feedback and conducting market research analysis, our company embarked on the initiative to develop a new line of compact coin-type CBS series capacitors (with a diameter of 9.5mm) starting from July 2019. Through a series of incremental trials, we successfully validated the feasibility of large-scale production, ultimately achieving substantial output by the end of March 2021.

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Enclosed herewith, you will find detailed product information and specifications in the attached documentation.

CDA Corporation’s CBS Super Capacitors, also known as “double-layer capacitors,” serve as exceptional energy storage solutions, particularly advantageous for high-power applications. These capacitors offer the benefit of rapid energy discharge without the need for charging circuits or limitations imposed by charge and discharge cycles. The CBS Super Capacitors operate by utilizing ion release and absorption reactions, thereby generating electrical current independent of chemical processes.

Product Operating Temperature Range: (-25°C to 70°C and -40°C to 70°C)

Withstanding durability of 1000 hours at +70°C

Stacked coin-type design Versatile applicability Features through-hole lead wire terminals


For memory backup, suitable applications encompass video and audio devices, data terminals, printers, rice cookers, and intelligent remote controls.

Enclosed herewith, please find the detailed product specifications for your reference.