EDLC’s Characteristics data

Charging characteristics

5.5V 1.0F

Self-discharging characteristics according to charging time

Charging condition: 5V

(Note) If charging time is brief, complete charge is not attained, and initial voltage due to internal charge is


Influence of ambient temperature on self-discharging characteristics

Charging condition: 5V, 24hours

(Note) In the self-discharge characteristics, the terminal voltage drop is affected by ambient temperature. This

means a self-discharge current becomes great as ambient temperature rises. In case where it is used with a

micro applied current of nano-ampere order, ambient temperature allows a difference to occur in backup time.

Discharging characteristics

Constant resistance discharge: 1MW

Charge voltage: 5V

Charge time: 24hours

Measurement temp: +20°C

Influence of ambient temperature on discharge characteristics

Constant resistance discharge: 250kW

Charge time: 24hours

(Note) Voltage drop gets a little faster as ambient temperature rise. This occurs because the rise in ambient

temperature causes a self-discharge current added to applied current.

(Note) In low temperature area, ion movement for the formation of electric double layers becomes slow, and

time required for complete charge takes longer. Consequently, The voltage drop is large in the condition with

low temperature when there is no difference at charging time..

Current characteristics

Initialization of test samples

The samples shall be measured after applying 5.5V for 2hours 300W resistance in the temperature (20±10°C,

65±10% not being wetted with dew) and discharging in short circuit for 12 to 24hours.

(n =20)

Relations between applied voltage and capacitance change

Test condition: +70°C 5.5V

Applied voltage: 4, 5, 5.5V

(Note) Capacitance changes at the life test vary from applied voltage. The lower the voltage is, the

smaller it becomes. Almost no capacitance change due to no-load shelving.

Relations between ambient temperature and capacitance change

Test condition: +70, +60, +55°C

Applied voltage: 5.5V