Application field
Potential energy recovery system energy storage device

The company provides supercapacitor energy storage devices for energy recovery systems in heavy machinery. Traditional cranes, drilling machines, and gantry cranes usually use resistors to consume reverse current for braking. Supercapacitors replace resistors to store energy and power the engine. In addition to energy recovery, supercapacitors can also provide instantaneous power for heavy machinery start-up power compensation. At present, in heavy machinery, diesel engines are being gradually replaced by electric motors and gasoline engines to reduce pollution.
Port Machinery , Petroleum Machinery Mining Machinery Construction Machinery Elevator


Safe and Reliable-Yutong Super Capacitor Vehicle

Long life, the service life under normal working conditions can reach 10 years
Wide operating temperature -40 degrees to 65 degrees, storage temperature -40 to 70 degrees
maintenance free

High performance-Yutong super capacitor car

High power, high current output, fast response
suitable for all climates

Customization – super capacitor emergency power supply

Various communication protocols, such as MODBUS

Integration – braking energy recovery

Modular design for easy integration
Voltage and temperature intelligent management, abnormal alarm