Application field

System Composition – Adding Super Capacitors to Automobiles

power management system

1 vehicle power supply
2 emergency power

Provide safe and reliable on-board power supply composite solutions for automobile manufacturers in the form of super capacitor modules, which can meet the needs of passenger cars for start-stop power supply, stable voltage, deceleration and braking energy recovery, etc.

In the form of supercapacitor modules, capacitor packs or supporting components, we provide partners with emergency start-up power solutions suitable for drivers and passengers in low-temperature environments and battery failures, as well as energy storage units for vehicle maintenance and rescue power supplies .

Application principle

1 When the car brakes or decelerates

2 When the car starts, climbs a hill or accelerates

Ultracapacitors absorb and store almost all the energy generated by braking. The efficiency and power capabilities of ultracapacitors translate into more efficient recovery of braking energy. The electrical energy stored in the supercapacitor can be used to assist acceleration, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions. In mild-hybrid and full-hybrid vehicles, supercapacitors offload the battery and extend battery life. In addition, the braking energy recovery can also take over most of the load of the mechanical brake, thereby reducing the maintenance and replacement costs of the braking device.

The stop-start system is based on an intelligent combination of engine, brake and power management. The system switches off the internal combustion engine when the car is temporarily parked. Once the driver releases the clutch or steps on the accelerator, the system automatically restarts the engine. The start-stop system equipped with supercapacitors can stabilize the system voltage, make the current flow more stable, reduce the occurrence of strong current and repeated cycle phenomena, and finally extend the life of the battery. At the same time, the start-stop system of the supercapacitor will also make the engine restart more smoothly.

Safe and reliable – super capacitor car

Strictly follow the ISO9001 system, TS16949 system and other quality management processes to ensure product
Rigorous testing to verify safety and reliability requirements.
Sealing grade IP65. Compact, strong, waterproof design, adapt to the needs of new energy vehicles in various environments.
Flame retardant and fireproof design effectively guarantee product reliability.
It can be used in a wide temperature range and can be used from -40 degrees to 60 degrees.
Slide rail design, easy to install, reduce the difficulty of installation for users, and save the use of parts
Less cyclic attenuation, strong anti-interference ability, and structure anti-shock and vibration
Low failure rate, easy maintenance and low total cost of use.

High performance – super capacitor car

High power, deep-level high-power charge and discharge
Low internal resistance, high current and small temperature rise
Long life, millions of cycles
High insulation to ensure the safety of use
High stability, at cold start and restart
keep the voltage stable

Customization – super capacitor emergency power supply

Independent balance between monomers to ensure consistency within the life cycle of monomers
Voltage and temperature alarm function, timely control potential danger
Precise charge and discharge control
Optimized composite energy storage system to improve voltage stability and prolong battery life

Integration – braking energy recovery

Flexible capacity and voltage design
Multi-layer lightweight design
Precise charge and discharge control
Customized development of structure, compact design, according to the installation position
position, flexibly adjust the appearance of the product