Application field

Energy Storage Tram Power System-Guangzhou Haizhu Tram Capacitor

Provide capacitors, capacitors/battery composite solutions, as a traction power supply system, provide energy when the vehicle starts, accelerates, and travels, and provide efficient energy recovery and storage units when braking, realizing fast charging in seconds, meeting the requirements of energy storage Trams have application requirements for long life, high power, and high reliability of power supply systems.
Tram powertrain with catenary

Tram Power System with Catenary-Guangzhou Super Capacitor Tram-1

Provide a supercapacitor energy storage module solution, which can be used in parallel with the existing battery. It can also provide an integrated starting power solution, which improves the low-temperature starting performance of the vehicle, prolongs the service life of the battery, and improves the reliability of the power system.

Electric Braking System for Metro Braking Energy Recovery-Metro-Supercapacitor

Jixing Technology provides MW-level energy storage unit solutions based on supercapacitors, which are applied to energy storage braking energy recovery systems for subways and light rails.

Application principle

In the urban rail system, the supercapacitor energy storage system can take into account both the braking energy recovery function and the voltage stabilization function
store and release energy

The supercapacitor can store energy when a train is braking, and then release it when a vehicle accelerates, reducing energy consumption on the braking resistor through heat release.
Voltage stabilization function-Nanjing supercapacitor tram

When multiple vehicles accelerate at the same time, the system voltage will be greatly reduced, resulting in frequent low voltage fluctuations of the vehicles. The supercapacitor energy storage system can discharge when the voltage drops to the specified limit value, increase the system voltage, and ensure the continuous stability of the voltage during vehicle operation.

Safe and reliable – super capacitor car

Strictly follow the ISO9001 system, TS16949 system and other quality management processes to ensure product consistency
Vibration shock test, electromagnetic and capacitance verification safety and reliability requirements
The system is equipped with capacitors without electricity, and has passed the IPX6 waterproof test, and the whole machine has no water ingress
Flame retardant and fireproof design effectively guarantees product reliability
It can be used in a wide temperature range and can be used from -40 degrees to 60 degrees.
Less cyclic attenuation, strong anti-interference ability, and structure anti-shock and vibration
Low failure rate, easy maintenance, low total cost of use

High performance – super capacitor car

High power, deep-level high-power charge and discharge
Low internal resistance, automatic laser welding technology
Long life, millions of cycles
High insulation to ensure the safety of use
Low leakage, maintaining consistency during use
Large capacity, greater effective storage of electric energy, up to 3.4KW or more

Customization – super capacitor emergency power supply

Improve the heat dissipation system of the super capacitor module in order to improve the service life of the super capacitor
Higher system availability to increase the mileage of trams without grid
Meet the safety and protection requirements for on-site use

Integration – braking energy recovery

High reliability supercapacitor equalization and protection scheme
Capacitor management system: self-diagnosis, remote monitoring of system status, remote maintenance of capacitor system
Integrated design of supercapacitor system, convenient for on-site installation and maintenance