Application field

Supercapacitor-fan pitch backup power supply

Provide a series of all-weather module solutions, as the backup power supply of the wind turbine pitch control system, which improves the reliability, safety and maintenance-free of the pitch power supply

high pressure system

Use 75V/85V/90V/150V/160V modules, series and parallel to meet the needs of different voltage levels and different capacities.

low pressure system

For fans with different powers, use different numbers of 16V modules in series, or use 80V modules directly.

Application principle

The supercapacitor replaces the battery as a backup power supply for the wind turbine pitch system. Usually, the electric energy generated by the fan is input into the charger through the grid power supply, and the charger charges the supercapacitor energy storage power supply until the supercapacitor energy storage reaches the rated voltage.

When it is necessary to adjust the pitch of the wind turbine, the control system generates an instruction, the supercapacitor energy storage system is discharged, and the pitch system is driven to work.


Safe and reliable – super capacitor car

High reliability, maintenance-free, suitable for pitch systems installed on towering wind turbines, reducing maintenance costs
Wide working temperature, etc., -40-65 degrees, storage temperature can reach -40~70 degrees, good low temperature characteristics, suitable for various climates of wind farms, stable capacity in cold seasons
Long cycle life, the service life under normal working conditions can reach 10 years
Less cyclic attenuation, strong anti-interference ability, and structure anti-shock and vibration
Low failure rate, easy maintenance and low total cost of use.

High performance – super capacitor car

High power density, deep-level high-power charging and discharging
Good charging and discharging characteristics, fast charging and discharging, large charging and discharging current, the supercapacitor of the pitch control system can be fully charged in seconds to minutes
During the lifetime, the usable capacity of the energy storage system can reach 125F. The energy conversion efficiency of the energy storage system is not less than 98%

Customization – super capacitor emergency power supply

Small size, light weight and compact structure for flexible installation in wind turbines
The module usually adopts a metal casing, which has better protection energy and adapts to the climate change of the wind field

Integration – braking energy recovery

Equipped with a voltage equalization unit to achieve voltage equalization among cells
Configure over-voltage alarm or over-temperature alarm device