Application field

smart grid
Provide module or integrated power supply, which is applied to the backup power supply of distribution network automation equipment, monitoring instruments, signal transmission and actuators, to meet the system’s requirements for long life, high reliability, maintenance-free, and wide temperature range.

Provide KW-MW supercapacitor energy storage unit for composite energy storage system of micro grid, which can provide short-term power compensation up to megawatt level for the energy storage system of micro grid, and improve the power quality of micro grid.

Application principle

Due to the small scale of the micro-grid and the small inertia of the system, frequent fluctuations in the network and load are very serious, which affects the stable operation of the entire micro-grid. The supercapacitor energy storage system can effectively solve this problem. It can store the excess power of the power supply when the load is low, and feed it back to the microgrid to adjust the power demand when the load is high.

The supercapacitor energy storage system is connected in parallel to the busbar or feeder in the microgrid. During the charging and discharging process of the supercapacitor bank, the terminal voltage range changes greatly. Usually, a DC/DC converter must be used as an interface circuit to adjust the energy storage and release of the supercapacitor. able.


Safe and reliable – super capacitor car

The scheme meets the basic requirements of GB/T3783-2008 marine low-voltage apparatus or the general specification requirements of GJB 5A-95 marine low-voltage electrical appliances
The working temperature is -40 to 65 degrees, and the storage temperature is -40 to 70 degrees, which can adapt to the marine climate and meet the long-term reliable operation in the island area
Strong safety, with module monitoring and system monitoring two-layer monitoring, which can effectively detect voltage, current, energy storage, temperature, etc., and issue fault alarms for overvoltage, overtemperature, and abnormal operation
Good earthquake resistance, horizontal acceleration 0.2G, vertical acceleration 0.1G
Long service life, the service life under normal working conditions can reach 10 years

High performance – super capacitor car

High power density, deep-level high-power charging and discharging, effective compensation of high-power load power, and improved power output quality.
During the lifetime, the usable capacity of the energy storage system is not less than 120F and can reach 300F. The energy conversion efficiency of the energy storage system is not less than 98%.
Easy to maintain, the layout and installation of energy storage system devices should be convenient for construction, commissioning, maintenance and overhaul.
Noise of single energy storage cabinet<65DB

Customization – super capacitor emergency power supply

The operation is simple, and all the live parts involved in the module are hidden in the module to avoid misoperation.
Forced air cooling, axial flow fans are installed on the panel of each energy storage module to maintain a stable working temperature.
Rich interfaces, suitable for various needs of grid installation.

Integration – braking energy recovery

Modular design, module control, overvoltage alarm indicator and overtemperature alarm indicator are installed on the display panel, when the module is in the state of overvoltage and overtemperature, the alarm indicator will light up, indicating that the module is in a state that is not conducive to safety and damages performance under working conditions.
The integration is high, the energy storage system device can operate automatically, and the operating status is highly visualized.