Construction machinery

The company provides supercapacitor energy storage devices for energy recovery systems in heavy machinery. Traditional cranes, drilling machines, and gantry cranes usually use resistors to consume reverse current for braking. Supercapacitors replace resistors to store energy and power the engine.

Smart Meter

Application field Application of products in the field of smart metersBackup Power UPS backup power Provide a super capacitor module or power module, which can be used as a backup power supply for intelligent three-meter actuators, IoT sensors, IT and communication equipment data storage and forwarding, which improves reliability and safety and reduces maintenance costs.…

Solar Energy

The supercapacitor backup power supply is a distributed backup power supply that can be used as a backup power supply for heliostats. When a failure occurs, the heliostat control system can respond and adjust the focus position as soon as possible with the support of the backup power supply, preventing the spot from concentrating on the wrong position and causing an accident.

Smart Grid

Provide module or integrated power supply, which is applied to the backup power supply of distribution network automation equipment, monitoring instruments, signal transmission and actuators, to meet the system’s requirements for long life, high reliability, maintenance-free, and wide temperature range.


Provide capacitors, capacitors/battery composite solutions, as a traction power supply system, provide energy when the vehicle starts, accelerates, and travels, and provide efficient energy recovery and storage units when braking, realizing fast charging in seconds, meeting the requirements of energy storage Trams have application requirements for long life, high power, and high reliability of power supply systems.
Tram powertrain with catenary

Passenger car

Provide safe and reliable on-board power supply composite solutions for automobile manufacturers in the form of super capacitor modules, which can meet the needs of passenger cars for start-stop power supply, stable voltage, deceleration and braking energy recovery, etc.

In the form of supercapacitor modules, capacitor packs or supporting components, we provide partners with emergency start-up power solutions suitable for drivers and passengers in low-temperature environments and battery failures, as well as energy storage units for vehicle maintenance and rescue power supplies .